Practice Support

YRNA provides nursing practice consultation in order to promote safe nursing care and prevent problems arising in nursing practice settings.

Nurses can experience difficulties in providing safe, quality care to clients and have concerns about handling professional problems and practice issues. Employers, colleagues and the public can have questions about nursing policies and practices.

If you have a professional problem or a question or concern about nursing practice-either related to a specific practice, a practice setting or a general nursing question-you can call the YRNA office for information. The YRNA office is open Monday to Friday and professional nursing staff are available to offer support, advice and resource information to registered nurses, the public or others with an interest in health care services.

YRNA can assist by:

YRNA can also provide information on trends and issues which are affecting, or are expected to affect, the practice of nursing.

YRNA staff can be reached at 867-667-4062.