Professional Conduct Review Policy

YRNA is committed to promoting good nursing practice and preventing poor nursing practice. The purpose of the YRNA Professional Conduct Review (PCR) Program is to ensure that the statutory duty to protect the public interest is fulfilled by intervening when practice is unacceptable.

The YRNA believes that the appropriate and timely handling of complaints is fundamental to the role the Association plays in maintaining professional standards and public accountability. As a self-regulating profession, registered nurses have earned the right and taken the responsibility of dealing with complaints and the discipline of members when deemed necessary.

The YRNA is committed to a fair and open process that offers options for the resolution of a complaint. The philosophy of discipline is one of corrective action, taking into consideration the interests of the public, the Association and the individual nurse member.

The Professional Conduct Review Complaints and Discipline Policy is a 21-page document with a 3-page appendix, all downloadable from the Links & Resources page or by clicking here.