Board of Directors

The YRNA Board of Directors consists of 7 RN members as well as a Public Representative. The Executive Director serves as a non-voting member of the Board. The Board holds regular monthly meetings. The Annual General Meeting of the association is held in Whitehorse in the spring.

Each position on the YRNA Board has a 2 year term, renewable for a second term, with the exception of the President-elect which is a 1 year position leading into a 2 year term as President followed by a 1 year term as Past President.

Board Members for 2015

Sean Secord, RN

Christina Sim, RN

Andrea Mainer, RN

Dianne Hart, RN

Krystal Feres, RN

Walker Graham, RN

Julie Tipping, RN

Public Representative
Alexandra de Jong Westman

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Board Responsibilities

The Board of Directors shall carry out the following items. The duties of the Board are outlined in more detail in section 7 of the Bylaws of the Association.