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Registration Year and ANNUAL RENEWAL

The YRNA license year runs from April 1st to March 31st. For renewing members, new license renewal forms are mailed out in January each year. Your personalized application for renewal has been prepared with preprinted information from the previous year’s form. Please review this information carefully, indicating changes if required, and complete all other parts of the application.

License renewal applications for RN (Practising) licensure must be received at the YRNA office on or before March 1st and must be accompanied by a completed Continuing Competence Process (CCP) Annual Reporting Form and fee payment in the form of a cheque, money order, credit card or debit card payment. No post-dated cheques, please! No cash, please!

Renewal applications received after the March 2nd deadline will be subject to a late fee of $52.50. The March 1st administrative deadline is necessary to ensure that all license renewal forms can be processed and new license cards/receipts mailed to members prior to March 31st. Fees may be paid by cheque, money order, VISA/MasterCard or debit. No post-dated cheques, please! No cash, please!


Registration Procedures For NEW APPLICANTS

The following application process applies to nurses who are entitled to practise in another Canadian jurisdiction. If you are not eligible for registration in another Canadian jurisdiction, that prerequisite must be completed prior to applying for registration with YRNA.

All forms and procedures required for registration with YRNA may be printed from this website. Registration forms cannot be filed electronically at this time. Please scan and email, or mail, or fax completed forms to YRNA along with the appropriate fees by cheque or money order, or by completing the credit card authorization form.

Complete the Application for Registration. If you have a potential start date for work in the Yukon, please be sure to indicate that in the space provided on the back of the form. If you have questions about completing the form, contact the YRNA office.

Along with your completed Application include:

Arrange to have the following documents completed and sent to YRNA directly from ‘source’. Please note there is a cost for all member and non-member requests for verifications (effective Oct 1, 2013)

Click here for more detailed instructions and to view these procedures as a printable page.

Information for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs)

The Yukon Registered Nurses Association is a small organization and does not have the capacity to assess qualifications of nurses educated outside Canada. Internationally educated nurses are registered in the Yukon based, in part, on endorsement from another Canadian jurisdiction. This means that all internationally educated nurses must first become eligible for registration in another part of Canada before applying for registration in the Yukon.

Please contact other Canadian jurisdictional nursing regulatory bodies for more information.

YRNA Policy # 3.10 English Language Fluency:

3 10 English Language Fluency 2013-03-19 PDF

YRNA would be happy to hear from all internationally educated nurses once they are entitled to registration elsewhere in Canada.

Temporary Permit Information

Temporary Permits may be issued by YRNA to allow qualified nurses to practise as nurses in Yukon and call themselves “nurses” while awaiting completion of the registration process.

Temporary Permits can be provided to applicants who meet the following criteria:

Temporary Permits are based, in part, on the completion of the standard Application for Registration and submission of all other documentation required for RN (Practising) registration. Temporary Permits may be issued based on required documentation received.

Special Practice Permit

YRNA may issue a special temporary permit for nurses required to work in the Yukon for short term special projects. Such permits will be issued only in instances in which a nurse registered in good standing in another Canadian jurisdiction seeks YRNA registration in order to engage in a short term, special project that falls outside conventional Yukon health system requirements. A Special Practice permit will be limited to a specified location, purpose and duration up to a maximum term of 21 consecutive days. To qualify for a Special Practice permit, the applicant must meet all criteria for practising registration. This type of temporary permit requires completion of a Special Practice application form (see list of forms below).

Click here for a printable version of the Special Practice Information Sheet.

For more information on all Temporary Permits, contact admin@yrna.ca.

Information for New Graduates

It is possible for a ‘new grad’ to obtain a Temporary Permit to work in the Yukon while awaiting the writing and results of the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination). To register in the Yukon, in addition to completing the Application for Registration and providing the the necessary ID copies, new graduates are required to provide evidence that they are eligible to complete registration in the province/territory of graduation, pending a passing grade on the NCLEX. A Request for Confirmation of Interim Status form can be completed in part by the new grad and forwarded to the nursing association in their jurisdiction of graduation to ensure this information is provided to YRNA.

‘New Grads’ should be aware that it is a requirement that you complete the registration process in the jurisdiction where you took your education before your Yukon Temporary Permit can be upgraded to Practising registration status. For more information on this, please contact the YRNA office by phone (867-667-4062) or e-mail admin@yrna.ca.

Please click her for a printable version of the New Graduate Information Sheet

Registration Forms and Information Sheets

All the forms and procedures required for registration with YRNA may be printed from this website. Registration forms cannot be filed electronically at this time. Completed forms must be mailed to the YRNA office along with the necessary fees.Please note: registration fees are non-refundable.