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  • All Registration Renewal Packages have gone out in the mail 16 January 2015. Please make sure you renew with payment by 2 March 2015 to avoid late fees.
  • April 17 & 18, 2015  YRNA AGM at the Gold Rush Inn  -  Theme: Yukon Setting the Pace for Health Care; look for more info in the spring newsletter.
  • CNA in the Globe and Mail: Health is where the Home is here
  • We welcome our new Auxiliary Office Assistants, Joan Hyrve, Tara-Lee Bosma and Kim Fusick!
  • Revised Bylaws, approved at 2014 AGM here


Job Postings

The Registrar position is now closed. Please visit us again soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please contact the YRNA to post an employment opportunity for registered nurses.
Kluane Lake, Yukon
                                                 Photo courtesy of Robert Postma

February is…

Heart Health Month- a time for Canadians to think about how our every day choices contribute to heart health and general wellbeing.

Psychology Month- to generate grassroots activities that will raise Canadians’ awareness of the role psychology plays in their lives and in their communities


February 1-7th is Eating Disorders Awareness Week & White Cane Week

February 4th is World Cancer Day – a day that provides Canadians with an opportunity to reflect about the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

February 14th is Sexual and Reproductive Health Day

February 24th: Dr. Gabor Maté at Mt MacIntyre Rec Centre: The Myth of Normal

February 25th is Pink Shirt Day- a day to stand up against bullying


Free Webinars:

February 11, 2015- CNPS Webinar: New Technology and Social Media
February 12, 2015- CNPS Webinar: NP Series: Consultations and Referrals
February 20, 2015- CADTH webinar:  Culturing Change in Lab Testing
February 24, 2015- CNA Webinar Series: Aboriginal Health Nursing in Canada: Policy and Best Practice
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Nominations for Board Positions are now closed.


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2014 Registration Form PDF fillable  for RNs and NPs; 2014 registration information here
Credit card authorization form 2014 here   ~~~   Where do your fees go? Click here for 2014
2015 Registration Form PDF Fillable for RNs and NPs;    ~~~    2015 Renewal Info & Fees
Credit card authorization form 2015 here
The YRNA office is officially open Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm.
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YRNA Professional Conduct Review Program NEW here
YRNA’s 2013 Annual Report here

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The Yukon Registered Nurses Association (YRNA) is the regulatory body and professional association

for registered nurses and nurse practitioners in the Yukon.

YRNA exists to ensure public protection with regard to nursing practice. YRNA is responsible for establishing and promoting standards

for practice, for regulating nursing practice, and for advancing nursing excellence.